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Author: Richelle
Published: 30 Nov 2021

Differences, Appearance and Reasoning

There must be a difference where every one feels it. The appearance of a difference is itself a real difference. Like other things, appearances must have a cause and must be a reality.

While a half-philosophy doesn't like the classifications and distinctions indicated by popular language, it does not mean that philosophy should set aside the old content and regularize them. It cuts fresh channels for thought, but it doesn't fill up like it finds ready made, but it does trace those into which the current has spontaneously flowed. The object of poetry is to act upon the emotions, and thus is not prose, but matter of fact or science.

The one addresses itself to the belief and the other to the feelings. The one that does its work by moving and the other that does it by convincing. The one presents a proposition to the understanding and the other offers interesting objects of contemplation to the sensibilities.

The natural fruit of solitude and meditation is poetry. The people who have the most feeling of their own, and who have the highest faculty of poetry, are the most eloquent. The people and nations who excel in poetry are those who have character and tastes that make them less dependent on the world around them for their happiness.

The Poetry of Anne Sexton

The short free verse poem talks about the painting but the focus is on the poet's emotional response. Anne Sexton is engaging with van Gogh's painting in a very personal way. Some of the most noted poets of the modern era used paintings by Bruegel as the basis for their writing.

W.H. Auden and William Carlos Williams wrote famous poems after reading "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus". John Berryman and many other poets responded to "Hunters in the Snow" by offering different interpretations of the scene. The poems combine ekphrasis with quotes from St. Augustine.

The passage of time may have created a distance between the figures in the diner that Hopper painted. The poem by Carson is a reflection of light and shadows. Write a response to the painting.

Poems as Games

A good way to think of poetry is to think of it as a game. A poet uses words to make a poem, like a painter uses paint or a sculptor uses clay. A poet is an artist of words.

Creating poetry can be enjoyable. Many people think that a poem has to rhyme, follow a format or be deep and meaningful. That isn't completely true.

A poem can be any of these, but it doesn't have to be. It's better to think of poetry as a creative form of expression, one that is constantly evolving, rather than thinking in such limiting terms. The evocative qualities of poetry are those that make the reader emotional and create an experience.

Poems can be used to tell a story or to convey a message. They can express anything, they can have alternative meanings, they can share a feeling, and they can even be angry. The main difference between poetry and other forms of writing is the attention the poet pays to structure, form, tone, word choice and all of those things that create the effect the poet is trying to achieve.

Haiku: A reference to nature

haiku has 17 syllables and is arranged in three lines, first five, then 7, then 5 A haiku is a reference to nature. They tend to have two images in common.

Sound Effects in Poema

There are several genres or categories for poetry. It's helpful to group poems based on some common characteristics, because not all poems fit neatly into a category. Let's look at how poems are constructed now that we know the main categories of poetry.


If the main point of the limerick is bawdy humor rather than artistry, it gets called doggerel. The same with children's nursery rhymes.

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