What Is Poetry Quizlet?


Author: Lisa
Published: 5 Dec 2021

What is Poetry?

Writing Stack Exchange is a place to ask questions and find answers for professional writing. It takes a minute to sign up. It's a very old question and one that is not likely to get a definitive answer.

It is possible to distinguish between poetry and verse. The most important aspect of verse is the use of rhythm to achieve literary effects, which is why it is so difficult to remember. The oral tradition of stories being spoken, not written, and using verse made it easier to remember them.

Even if not everyone agrees on which technical properties qualify, verse can be defined by certain technical properties. There is a continuum between prose and poetry. Some prose is very poetic and some poetry is not.

The distinction was easier to make at one time because poetry was practiced in strict forms with set rhythm and rhyme schemes. If you're writing prose and a rhythmic pattern in your emphasis arises, you probably ignore it. It doesn't matter if one rubber ball falls through the metal hoop at the other end of the room or not.

The whole point of basket ball is whether the ball goes through the hoop. If you were playing dodge ball, it would probably not matter if the ball went through the hoop or not, but it would probably hit someone. There is no specific definition of poetry.

What is a Traditional Poem?

What is a traditional poet? A traditional poem is a poem that has a definite verse structure and characteristics. The traditional metrical and rhyme patterns associated with traditional poems are not present in contemporary poetry.

Victorian poetry should not be compared to Romantic poetry. It is a continuation in its spirit and pattern. The Modern poetry is against the romantic Tradition.

The Nobel Prizes for Literature

Literature is a collection of written work, but it is also used for writing that is considered to be an art form. The definition has expanded to include oral literature, which has been transcribed. Literature can be used to record, preserve, and transmit knowledge and entertainment, and can also have a political, spiritual, or psychological role.

Over time, the definition of literature has changed. Literature in Western Europe prior to the 18th century can be seen as returning to older, more inclusive notions, so that cultural studies can include works from all over the world. The word is used in reference to oral literature and the literature of preliterate culture.

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