What Is Poetic Conceit?


Author: Lorena
Published: 27 Nov 2021

Metaphysics and Petrarchan Sonnets

A metaphor in poetry is a comparison between two things. The term conceit is used in two concepts in poetry, one in metaphysics and the other in Petrarchan sonnets. A metaphor is used to compare two things.

Metaphysics is about creating metaphors and similes to compare very different things. The term conceit has two meanings. A metaphysical conceit is a metaphor that compares two very different things.

The conceit of John Donne

The difference between a broken heart and a damaged clock is unconventional, but you can see the connection once you think about it. Both a clock and a heart can be fixed with time. It is easy to see how the conceit was used to discuss features of his love.

Her skin was ivory, her cheeks were apples and her lips were cherries. Spenser is showing his love by making it appear delicious as well. The metaphysics of John Donne and other poets might take a complicated topic like lover's souls and compare them to a compass.

The legs of a compass can never truly part, just like a lovers' souls. The Flea is a perfect example of a metaphysics. The flea bite is a way to talk a lover into a sexual relationship.

Donne uses analogies to compare their sexual union to a flea. They are connected like they would be in a sexual union because of their blood mixed in the flea. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is a good example of how the metaphysics have become simplified in modern poetry.

In his opening line, Eliot uses the idea of a night sky compared to a person waiting for surgery to create a shocking image. It is a very stark contrast that makes the reader cringe. The title is supposed to be a love song, so the conceit is even bolder.

The central conceit of an opera

The central conceit of a work of fiction is the underlying assumption which must be accepted by the audience with suspension of disbelief so the plot may be seen as plausible.

Metaphysical Conceits

Conceits are metaphors for surprise. The conceit uses complex and often wildly imaginative associations, which are obvious and almost self-explanatory. One example is comparing a supreme spiritual being to a small insect. The main part of the metaphysical conceit is spiritual topics.

A conceit is an integral metaphor with logic

The term conceit can be used in either positive or negative ways. A conceit is a metaphor with a complex logic that governs a poetic passage or entire poem.

Literary devices

There are two aspects to literary devices. They can be considered either literary elements or literary techniques. It will be convenient to separate them. Writers use literary elements extensively to develop their literary pieces.

Metaphysical conceit in modern literary criticism

The word conceit is found in modern literary criticism. It is a rhetorical device that is used to speak to a situation that is not always present and that is needed for the story to continue. The word has a positive and negative sense.

The 17th century metaphysical poets have a metaphysical conceit. It is a complicated metaphor. The ingenuity of the idea of comparing two things is more important than whether or not the two things make sense together.

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