What Is Memoirs Of A Geisha About?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 4 Dec 2021

Memories of a GeishA

Arthur Golden wrote a novel called Memoirs of a Geisha. The novel tells the story of a fictional geisha who was working in Kyoto, Japan before World War II and was relocated to New York City. Chiyo is introduced to some people.

Mother is driven by money and business, whereas Auntie is strict and friendly to Chiyo. Chiyo is introduced to Hatsumomo, the premier geisha of the okiya, its primary earner, and one of the most famous geishas of Gion. Hatsumomo dislikes Chiyo.

She goes out of her way torment her. A few years later, Chiyo is given money and a handkerchief by a kind stranger known to Chiyo as the Chairman. Pumpkin will make her debut as a maiko and the younger sister of Hatsumomo, while Chiyo remains a maid.

Mameha, another geisha in Gion, is willing to help Chiyo's training, with Mameha acting as Chiyo's mentor and older sister. Chiyo becomes an geisha with the name Sayuri and is reacquainted with Chairman Iwamura, his closest friend and business partner Nobu, and a number of other prominent men. Hatsumomo tries to hurt Sayuri's reputation and career in the hopes of Mother adopting Pumpkinstead.

The book of the first movie

The book was the goal of many production companies who wanted to make a movie out of it. They succeeded.

Hatsumom'a et la misère

Chiyo is intimidated into acting as her servant by Hatsumomo, who sees Chiyo as a potential rival. Chiyo and Pumpkin are about to start training as geishat a nearby school. One night, Hatsumomo, drunk from a night out, forced Chiyo to destroy a kimono belonging to Mameha, Hatsumomo's geisha rival, before returning it to her house. Mameha catches Chiyo, who is blamed for the destruction and punished by being lashed, and is told that her debt to the okiya has increased even more.

A Note on the Intimacy of a GeishA and its Support

A geisha and her danna may or may not be in love, but they are not considered to be intimate if the geisha's financial support is not forthcoming. The traditional values and conventions of such a relationship are not well understood by many Japanese.

The film "The Last Stand"

The film has received many prestigious awards despite the negative reviews. Three of them won Oscar nominations. The film was better for viewers than for film critics.

A note on the sexism of geisha

A geisha's traditional training and other costs can be very large and can be supported by a wealthy man who is married. A geisha and her danna may or may not be in love, but they are not considered to be intimate if the geisha's financial support is not forthcoming.

The Geisha Service in Japan

How much does it cost to meet a geisha? The geisha service starts at 30 000 Japanese dollars and can be booked only after being introduced to a teahouse by a frequent customer. The group events start from 5,000 yen.

There were 33 female geisha and 31 male geisha in the year 1775. There are only eight taikomochi in Japan, and there are still small communities of geisha in Kyoto and Tokyo. There are five taikomochi in Tokyo, one in Kyoto.

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