What Is Literature Gap?


Author: Lisa
Published: 4 Dec 2021

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The literature research gap: the road map for a new study

The literature research gap is the missing piece of data in the literature which has not been explored or ventured into so far. It can be anything from a sample-size to a population. It may arise because of not knowing the working of particular instruments, new technological advances or studying a new organisms that has recently been discovered.

Literature Gaps in Statistical Physics

A literature gap is an unexplored topic that has scope for further exploration during a literature search. To identify literature gaps, you need to do a thorough review of existing literature in both the broad and specific areas of your topic.

Literature gap analysis: a tool for solving research gaps

A literature gap analysis statement is found in the introduction of a diary article or blurb or in the Goals and Importance segment of a research proposal, which is a brief description of the hole that you will attempt to address in your task.

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Leaking between Objects in the Wall and Window

There is a gap between a window and a wall, which means there is space between the two objects, and it could be a leak or draft.

Counting times

How many times have you thought you had formulated a new and exciting question only to find out later that it had already been addressed? You can count more times than you can count.

Maps of the source material

The source material is the first thing to do. That can be more than one article, report or study result. You want to make sure that the material you use is of the highest quality.

How to find a literature gap in your dissertation

There are gaps in literature that should be explored in thesis. There are gaps in literature about data collection, analysis section and research method. The writers are able to find a research gap in their writing.

It shows that you are leaving the most important points without conducting proper research. The best way to find gaps in the literature is to research. A literature review is a critical assessment of the literature that you have gathered for your subject, and it identifies your gaps in the literature.

A summary of your work is needed to find a literature gap. A literature review gives a critical outline of intellectual development. Literature review is necessary for students to understand.

Literature review gives you complete information about your research method and you can judge your work in your thesis. If you want to find a literature gap in your thesis, you should research the most important points of thesis. You will be able to cover up gaps after getting complete information.

Before writing your introduction, you should understand the state of knowledge on your topic. You should choose the central question in your research section. Make points of your method of data collection.

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