What Is Film Studies?


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Published: 26 Nov 2021

The History of Film Studies in the United States

The production and subjective critique of film was the focus of early film schools. The concept of film studies as a whole grew out of the time film was created. The Moscow Film School was the first school in the world to focus on film.

The USC School of Cinematic Arts was the first cinematic based school in the US and was created in an agreement with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. They were the first to offer a major in film in 1932, without the distinctions that are assumed in film studies. The movement away from Hollywood productions in the 1950s turned cinema into an artistic endeavor.

The auteur theory, which claimed film as the director's vision and art, led to film studies becoming more considered academically in the 1960s. In 1965, film critic Robin Wood wrote that Alfred Hitchhiker's films contained the same complexity as Shakespeare's plays. Lewis the only one making films that are brave.

The American film industry has the highest box office returns in the world and second only to India in terms of number of productions, which makes film studies an attractive option. A degree in the United States will allow you to pursue a career in film production, especially directing and producing films. Those who study film want to be able to analyze the films released in the United States every year in a more academic setting, or to understand the history of cinemas an art form.

Minor in Film and Media Studies

The minor in Film and Media Studies is a combination of six courses that include introduction to film and media studies, film history, and four FMS electives that can be used to pursue a specific interest in film and media. Students who are minor in the field can earn credit for their internship. Students of all majors can take advantage of the numerous study abroad opportunities. The College of International Studies has education abroad opportunities for students who want to take lower-division courses, major requirements or take an optional electives course.

"Les Miserable" and Love

"Les Miserables" is the best example of the need for love and tolerance in cinema, because it is so touching.

Film Studies

Film studies explores film through a variety of perspectives. Film history, genre, theory, and criticism help us understand film as an art form, as popular culture, and as a major medium of communication.

The Art of Film Studies

Motion pictures have been the most pervasive medium for entertainment and expression for more than a century. Film Studies explores the kind of art form that film is today, as well as the ways the medium has reflected and shaped global culture since its inception.

Senior Projects in Film and Media Studies

The intensive major is for students who have a lot of accomplishment and commitment to film and media studies. The intensive major has students who complete a senior project in production and write a senior essay. The major in Film and Media Studies is for students who don't have two majors.

Students must submit a proposal outlining their objectives and general area of study at the end of their junior year to get approval from the Film and Media Studies Committee. Each student takes one or two senior-level seminars or the equivalent and submits a senior project, which should represent a culmination of their work in the major and in Yale College. Critical writing and writing in images are required for senior requirements.

The student should be expected to produce a paper of fifteen pages in length, with questions about the genre to be used in the project, existing precedents for the topic, and his or her strategy in working on the project. Those who are going to fulfill the senior requirement by writing a senior essay should take a course in which they are expected to do a small production assignment. If you want to take an advanced course in screenwriting or production, you need to have taken enough courses in video production and screenwriting.

Senior creative projects in Film and Media Studies must be produced with an upper-level course. Students who start their sophomore year with FILM 161, 162 will be able to start preparing for FILM 355, 356 by the end of their junior year. Film 350 is the beginning of the course for those students interested in screenwriting.

Students interested in both film and screenwriting should take courses together. Students in their senior year may prefer to write a senior essay than work on a creative project. They should take advantage of the courses offered by the program, which include topics such as American independent cinema, film theory, and African American cinema.

A Master's Degree in Film Studies

Paul WS Anderson is the director of the video game adaptation Mortal Kombat. Anderson graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in film and literature and is behind some of the most successful films of the last decade. In 2009, 4% of those who graduated went on to study for a higher qualification.

There are many masters and postgraduate courses in film studies that can be taken to specialize in areas such as scriptwriting, directing, producing and final editing. A postgraduate qualification is required for some jobs. Postgraduate research in film-making is available.

The App Store for iPlayer

Do you not own a mobile device? You can still use it. It's available on the web.

The Harvard Film Archive

The program draws on and consolidates course offerings in departments throughout the Faculty of Arts and Sciences which consider film and the spatial arts in all their various guises and investigate the place of visual arts within a variety of contexts. The Harvard Film Archive has a large collection of 16mm and 35mm film prints, rare video materials, vintage film posters, photographs, and promotional materials. The Harvard Film Archive is a place where students and faculty can interact with filmmakers and artists.

The archive houses a FilmConservation Center that allows the archive's staff to accession new films and preserve its significant collections of independent, international, and silent films. It is important to have professors who know your work give you strong letters of recommendation. If you have been out of school for a while, you should reestablish contact with your former professors.

Film Music: A Survey

There are many popular and scholarly articles on film music. You can start your research by going to the Web of Science or the search box.

Aspect ratios in modern films

The aspect ratios have changed but are still in line with taste. The most common ratios for modern films are 1.85:1 and 2.39:1.

Film Comment

Film Comment has been the home of independent film journalism for over 50 years, publishing in-depth interviews, critical analysis, and feature coverage of mainstream, art-house, and avant-garde filmmakers from around the world. Film at Lincoln Center publishes a bimonthly print magazine and website. Film-Philosophy is an open access journal that focuses on film studies and philosophy. The journal is interested in the ways in which films contribute to discussion.

Science fiction and special effects in films

There are independent films like Pi or Primer that are still science fiction without much in the way of special effects, and there are bigger budget movies like Sharknado or Transformers that are more about special effects.

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