What Is Film Made Of?


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Published: 30 Nov 2021

The Motion Picture

There are a number of factors that come to mind when you think about the film experience. There is something vaguely hypnotic about the illusion of movement that may even lower critical resistance. The film image is made by a nonhuman process.

The film image always appears to be in the present tense, and the motion picture gives what has been called a strong sense of being present. The concrete nature of film shows actual people and things. The motion picture is seen by the spectators under certain conditions, where everything helps to dominate them.

They are taken from their everyday environment and seated in a dark auditorium. The darkness concentrates their attention and prevents comparison of the image on the screen with surrounding objects or people. Spectators live in the world and watch the motion picture.

The Finance of Film Production

The development stage has both general and specific components. Each film studio has a yearly retreat where their top creative executives meet and interact on a variety of topics they wish to explore through collaborations with producers and screenwriters. They pick topics from the media and real life to determine their yearly agenda.

They may want to explore that topic in one or more movies in a year when action is popular. Sometimes, they purchase the rights to articles, bestselling novels, plays, the remaking of older films, stories with some basis in real life through a person or event, a video game, fairy tale, comic book, graphic novel. Some writers have stronger track records than others.

Because of this, how the development process proceeds from there and how much detail a writer returns to the studio to give before beginning writing can vary a lot. The Writers Guild of America protects screenwriters. The screenwriter can contract for One Draft, One Revision and One Polish.

Bob Eisle, a member of the Guild Board, states that additional writing requires extension of contracts and payment for additional work. A screenwriter writes a script over a period of several months. There is no pressure to adhere to deadlines in their contracts.

Every writer's process and speed is different. The script may be changed several times to improve it. The system that is ready for production and already produced does not get feed into the system that is held by recent university graduates.

The Production of Photographs by a Calotype

The "wet plate" process was awkward, the boxes had to hold the large plates, and the finished photographs were the size of the plates. William Henry Fox Talbot, an English archaeologist, created his own process called "calotype" in 1841, while Daguerre was developing his process. Talbot coated a paper base with a silver iodide substance and produced a negative result.

The calotype is a process that is similar to film and photographic processes, and the intermediate step allowing more than one print to be made. The film is very sensitive to light, heat, dust, and impurities. The film-manufacturing rooms have air filters.

The temperature and humidity are regulated. Plant workers wear protective clothing and enter sensitive work areas through air showers that clean personnel of dust and contaminants. Each step is inspected and controlled.

Factory workers and the environment must be protected from hazardous chemicals, fumes, and waste that can be generated during the process. The workers are protected from possible contaminants by wearing protective clothing. Air that is released to the outside is monitored.

Valuable materials such as silver are salvaged to be used in purification and reuse. The photographic film industry was the first to use incineration to burn waste. The next advancement in photography is film-free, which means that photographs can be stored without film.

Making Films

Film is selling ideas. The entire cast and crew works on how to convey the story. Pre-production, production and post production are the stages of film making.

The quality of the film is affected by the 3 stages of film making. The execution has to be perfect. A film is made by editing.

The film needs to cut down on the unwanted scenes to make it go in a proper flow. Many films get bad reviews due to poor editing. Being a film maker, one has to know what to include and what to not include in the film.

A film that uses jump cuts and montages is outstanding. What is film making? It is a combination of many things.

The Making of Movies

Most movies are made so that they can be seen in a theater. Movies can be shown in Cinemas for a short period of time, they can be marketed through other medias. They are shown on pay television or cable television, and can be rented or purchased on DVD disks or videocassette tapes.

You can watch movies on your computer. Older movies are shown on television. When filming is over, an editor puts the moving pictures together to tell the whole story in a certain amount of time.

Audio engineers and sound engineers record music and sing with moving pictures. Movie labs make many copies of the movie and put them on film reels. The reels are sent to the cinemas.

People sitting in a dark room see a bright light through the film as it is projected on a big screen. Special effects can add a lot to the cost of a movie, but people have come to expect them and every blockbuster movie tries to outdo the last. Some movies cost more than $200 million to make.

Making a Movie

After watching a great movie, most people don't think about the effort that goes into making the film. They can look up the budget of the movie, but they can't really understand the process of making a film without actually seeing it.

Windows Movie Maker v.s Sonic DVD Burning Engine

Windows 7 included version 1.1, which included support for creating DV and WMV 8 files. In November 2002, version 2.0 was released as a free update. The minor update is included in the second service pack of windows.

The Movie Maker in Windows Media Center Edition 2005 had more transitions and DVD burning support. The earlier versions of Windows Movie Maker only allowed the export of video in Windows Media Video or DV AVI formats. Users can create their own custom profiles.

Sonic DVD Burning engine is licensed from Sonic Solutions and is bundled with Windows XP Media Centre Edition. Windows Movie Maker passes the project to Windows DVD Maker. Audio tracks can be edited and published with the help of Windows Movie Maker.

New Movies at Theater

A film is a series of moving images on a screen that make up a story. Some people like to see new movies at theater.

Film Theory

Film theory attempts to explain the essence of what film is. It provides commentary on the society it came from. Film Theory is a branch of Film Studies.

It is related to Semiotics and Literary Theory. filmmakers wanted to understand what was different about movies The camera and the edit were the two major factors that made film unique.

Dramatic impact can be impossible in theatre with camera placement. Think of a closeup or POV shot. The production of film is the main focus of Marxist Film Theory.

The relationship of the film to the audience and the relationship of the film to the director are the focus of the film. Marxist theory is based on realistic and unbiased structure. Marxist filmmakers use jump cuts and edits to make sure their audience doesn't suspend disbelief.

The Godfather: A Trilogy of Three Films

The film has two highlights, the first being the proper introduction of the character Gollum and the second being the huge battle sequence in the third act. Nolan's stunning visuals support the inventive idea of the film. It makes for some great action.

One of the most debated endings of all time is contained in this film. David Fincher is one of the most talented film-makers. His projects are often dark but always compelling thanks to his own unique approach and visual style.

Fight Club is his most popular film and one of the most exciting. The Fellowship of the Rings was the first in Peter Jackson's trilogy. Fans were transported to Middle Earth where they were able to read J.R.R. Tolkien's books and see how the hero's were able to destroy the One Ring.

Westerns have been a staple of the Hollywood film industry since the beginning, but when the genre went over to Italy, it changed the Western forever. The Spaghetti Westerns were different from anything audiences had seen before and told more complex stories. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is the most important entry in that category.

The film follows three men on a quest to recover buried treasure during the Civil War. The movie made Clint Eastwood a star, helped popularize the Mexican Standoff trend, and gave us one of the most famous scores of all time. One of the most popular film-makers of all time is Quentin Tarantino.

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