What Is Film Induced Tourism?


Author: Lorena
Published: 26 Nov 2021

Film Tourism in South Africa

Films, documentaries, TV-productions and commercials inspire people to explore new destinations. Film tourism is an excellent vehicle for destination marketing and also creates opportunities for product and community entrepreneurship such as location tours or film heritage museums to name but a few. Film-induced tourism and destination branding are growing at a rapid rate.

There is a There are some important issues that need to be considered before promoting a location for film productions. In South Africa, where film tourism is still a fairly unexplored concept, responsible tourism practices, community participation and awareness campaigns, safety and security, service excellence, and understanding the impact of destination branding are some of the things that have been applied.

The New Zealand Film Commission Screen Production Grant

Tourism New Zealand can gain access to quality content, marketing opportunities and high impact media channels when films are produced in New Zealand. International productions can get a 20% baseline grant under the New Zealand Screen Production Grant. 5% is available for those that show economic benefits to New Zealand.

The X-Files: A Film Festival in Mexico

How do you decide when to go away for a vacation? Some people like exotic food, others like history. Movie tourism is becoming more popular.

Cities that have been used as sets for films are now showing their movies on the big screen to bring in more tourists. The Lord of the Rings sets in New Zealand are famous, but there is only one film that features them. You can spend weeks exploring the various famous sets in the area, and many people do.

Don't be afraid to walk and use public transit in the city, it's great for walking and you can just use a map and phone. The first six seasons of The X-Files were filmed in several locations throughout the town. Mexico is familiar with the tourist industry and has recently expanded its movie tourism.

Thanks to a public transit system, a "hop on hop off" system of sightseeing buses and free internet in every public space, you can find your favorite movie sets. You can take a tour that includes travel to other cities like Puerto Vallartand Acapulco. You can also see ancient entertainment in the coliseums, theaters and other places throughout town, even if you're not enjoying reliving scenes from Roman Holiday, Eat Pray Love or Rome, Open City.

Italy is similar to Mexico in that it knows how to handle tourism, with trips to nearby attractions and movie tours to Rome. The original Robocop was filmed in Canada, but the Queer as Folk was filmed in Pittsburgh. Toronto is known for its experimental cinema.

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