What Is Fiction Noir?


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Published: 27 Nov 2021

Noir Fiction

Noir is not synonymous with detective fiction, as many of its protagonists are rogue homicide detectives or jaded private investigators. Noir fiction often features people who are not law enforcement figures, such as victims, victimizers, small or big-time criminals, or anyone who is morally flawed, fatalistic. There are still dark themes.

Hammett's Private Eye

Dashiell Hammett created a hard-boiled private eye story in the pages of Black Mask magazine in the 1920s, which is what inspired the noir fiction. There are tough guys in his stories, and they are all killers.

Brooklyn Noir: A Novelty Based on a City

Noir is a good fiction that uses fictional techniques. Dialogue and plot are important elements in noir. Dialogue is important for moving along the story.

Noir appeared in the 1920s as a response to the cozy mysteries. It was different from detective stories in that it was fast-paced, had a lot of scenarios and used sex as a means of furthering the plot. In the 1940s and 1950s, film noir and noir fiction were popular.

It died down but is now popular again due to online publishing venues. Akashic Books is a publisher that has helped get noir back on the literary map. Brooklyn Noir was the first noir anthology that was based on specific cities.

The Hero of Dark Matter

There is a lot of confusion with certain genres. Hard-boiled and noir are often lumped together in the mystery fiction world. The definition of sin is when an individual knows a behavior is bad and still engages in it.

Unless they choose to repentance, such individuals are doomed. To change. The hero of noir fiction is a sinner by choice and action.


Noir is described by its subject matter, typical scenery, and characters. The setting may be a dark city with city lights that are harsh like prison spotlights, and characters that are shadowy.

In A Lonely Place

In A Lonely Place is a film that depicts toxic masculinity and misogynistic behavior for its time.

Cyberpunk and Neo-Noir: A Brief History of the Genres

sci-fi is often confused with Cyberpunk and Neo-Noir by casual moviegoers who don't understand the nuances of the story. The science fiction genre is more popular than ever because of relevant movies and TV shows that reflect the complexity of modern society. During the Streaming Wars, sci-fi productions allow viewers to immerse themselves into stories that feel futuristic and timely.

Gatekeeping can be problematic for people who are genuinely curious about educating themselves in genre fare. The horror community expects fans and critics to know genre basics. Those who are not will be pushed away.

The same concept applies to all film communities, even if the focus is a different movie. It's beneficial for all movie fans to have a basic understanding of genre concepts. More and more people are learning about genre basics for the first time as more films are available to stream online.

Some people identify with science fiction movies for one reason or another, and may not care about the origins of the genre, or how various concepts translate to books, video games, and other types of modern media. For those who want to know more about the sub-genres of sci-fi like Cyberpunk and Neo-Noir, here's a basic breakdown of what they typically involve. The origins of Cyberpunk and Neo-Noir can be dated back to the 1960's.

Many themes may seem familiar to a casual science fiction fan. A Cyberpunk character is usually a social outcast. Environmental factors also come into play in many stories, and there's a sense of paranoia that's prevalent.

Noir: A category of 19th century crime fiction

Noir is a category of crime fiction that was created in the 19th century. It is used for fiction of crime and detection in a grim urban setting, featuring down-and-out characters and a feeling of pessimism.

The Making of Film Noir

The definition of film noir is not universally agreed upon because the category emerged after many films had been made. There are some key elements that can be found in most examples of the genre. The film noir character is a private eye or detective who has a dark past and moral ambiguity.

The femme fatale is a desirable, aggressive woman with suspicious loyalties. The moral fringes of society are often filled with supporting characters in film noir movies. New York City or Los Angeles are where most film noir movies are made.

The city is presented as having a glamorous surface and a seedy underside. Several noir movies were shot in Los Angeles rather than on a studio lot. Film noir tends to feature stark lighting and heavy use of shadows.

The technique of low-key lighting creates suspicious shadows and is used in many shots of characters obscured by shadowing. Film noir films feature cynical or fatalistic tones, with protagonists put in desperate situations due to circumstances beyond their control. In film noir, there are a number of devices used to tell the story from a first-person perspective.

Inherent Vice: A Neo-Noir Mystery

For a moment, forget about the criminals. Light and darkness are at the heart of neo-noir. Dark visuals are used to emphasize characters or certain details.

Light and dark are two of the most prominent elements of neo-noir. Inherent Vice is a neo-noir film that has a mystery plot, dark alleys, fog, and a female lead. The plot is impossible to comprehend in a single viewing, but Anderson creates a unique cinematic mood by perfectly capturing the 1970s.

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