What Is Dramarama?


Author: Lisa
Published: 4 Dec 2021

The ITV Home Video Distribution of Dramarama

Dramarama was a British children's anthology series that aired on ITV. The series had a variety of single dramas with science fiction, supernatural and satirical themes. The dramas themselves were produced by a total of twelve ITV regional companies, and were created by Anna Home, who was head of children's and youth programming at TVS.

Each episode was a one-off production with its own cast and crew, up to and including the executive producer. The episodes produced by Thames Television have been released on DVD by the Network, as well as the 1983 series which was shown under the Dramarama banner. The home video rights to the remaining episodes are held by ITV Studios, with the exception of those produced by Scottish, TVS and TSW.

Total Drama Revisited

The series re-introduces some of the original characters from "Total Drama" who are aged down from teenagers toddlers, being taken care of by Chef Hatchet. Each episode has a dream sequence, cutaways, visual jokes, and confessionals. Several characters from the Total Drama series and The Ridonculous Race have made appearances in the series.

Total Dramarama: A Children's Television Series

Tom and Jen created Total DramaRama, a comedy children's television series that was broadcast on the Cartoon Network in the United States and on Teletoon in Canada.

A Hole Lot of Trouble and The Thingamero O'Raifeartaigh

In Dial B for Birder, Sugar is annoyed by the new parrot Tommy. They were shocked to find out Tommy was a criminal. In A Hole Lot of Trouble, a team is assembled by Lightning.

When it rains all day, the kids are talking about scenarios where they could get hurt if they played with a ball inside the daycare. In Thingameroo, Lightning and the kids need motivation to train for the Sportslete Athlaction Awards. The owen mascot is Thingameroo.

The other kids are terrified of it at first, but then they decide to give the mascot a chance. Other mascots come for Thingameroo when things are going well. Owen, Lightning and Izzy try to keep him safe.

In CodE.T., Sugar and Lightning are horrified to find out thatCody is an alien. They stay at the daycare with Owen. They are attacked by aliens.

Cuttin' Corners, Snack to the Future and Owen & Princess Ephemera

Harold is given a corner piece of the cake in Cuttin' Corners, which makes other kids jealous. Beth is going to attack Izzy, but Harold is there to stop her. The kids forget about the cake and start fighting.

Harold is happy when Princess Ephemera shows up. Harold and the rest of the kids are scared when the lights go off. Harold is shocked to learn that Leshawna caught the tooth fairy instead of the fart fairy.

Harold and the rest try to revive the fart fairy by farting, but only Leshawna can save him. Harold and Duncan make fun of Chef's old video game in the movie "Dungeons and Dragons". Harold and Duncan want to help Chef get revenge after Beth beat the teacher.

The pineapple is brought to life by hacking the game. The kids are scared by the pineapple, but Chef saves them. Harold and the rest of the kids are unable to beat the other in a challenge.

Everyone starts turning black and white when a kid from the past shows up. Harold and the others are saved by someone. In Snack to the Future, Owen and Harold are travelling trough time with other people.

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