What Is Drama Reading?


Author: Richelle
Published: 28 Nov 2021

The role of the actors in a drama

The audience likes drama for its entertainment. Watching the actors perform a story adds realism to the work. Many people enjoy watching dramas in the form of movies or television in the age of binge watching.

The Structure of Drama

If the discussion of novels focuses on content, poetry and language, then discussion of drama might focus on structure, not only the unfolding story, but also on the interrelationships of characters. Conflict and resolution are some of the topics of drama.

The Stage and the Film: A Different Kind of Drama

Drama is a literary genre that is similar to other forms of literature, but has a distinct characteristic that makes it different. Dramatic works use seven elements of fiction, which are a setting, characters, a problem, a plot, suspense, a point of view, and a theme, to tell a story. Drama is different from other literature in that it is performed by actors on stage or in a film in front of an audience.

The performers wear costumes to help portray their characters, and speak the dialogue. The stage is decorated to make it look like the setting of the story. Drama can be very entertaining.

Watching a drama unfold before your eyes is quite interesting, compared to reading literature, where you visualize the story in your mind. If a play or film has a talented cast who portray their characters well, and have a well-designed set, it can be a spectacle to watch. Drama is different from other literature in that it is performed in front of an audience and uses a set, lighting, music, and costumes.

The Art and Science of Drama

You can read drama in a written play. You will only get a partial impression of what the author intended to show. Drama can be performed in a variety of ways.

Understanding drama's different types is necessary to understand what it is. There are different types of drama, but only the four main types will be examined. Comedy is a type of drama that makes people laugh.

Its tone is light and it has a happy ending. The Ancient Greek theatre is where comedy first emerged as a form of drama. The aim of tragedy is to arouse the audience's feelings of pity and fear so that they leave theatre with an understanding of the ways of gods and men.

The last type of drama is melago. It is a kind of drama in which everything is very fast paced. The themes depicted in melodramas are usually simple and not very complicated.

There are a lot of stereotypes in dramas. The main point of a melodrama is to awaken feelings in the audience. Love stories with beautiful characters are the majority of melodramas.

A Short Story or a Drama?

A drama is a story written with script directions to be acted on stage while a short story is a piece of prose fiction that can be read in one sitting and focuses on a self-contained incident. A drama is a literary composition involving conflict, action crisis, and an atmosphere designed to be acted by players on a stage before an audience. The drama is going to be performed.

It can be prose or poetry. A play is meant to be performed and not read. The stage directors are also in charge of the performers and how the play is conveyed.

Sayeed Alam and Maulana Azakad

The old generation of writers include Prof Hasan, J.N, Kaushal, Shameem Hanfi, Jameel Shaidayi, etc. Sayeed Alam is known for his wit and humor and is often used for plays like 'Ghalib in New Delhi' and 'Big B', which are frequently staged for large audiences. His most important play is Maulana Azad.

The Composition of a Play

A play is a literary composition that should be written in a specific number of acts and scenes. Each act should have a few scenes. The composition of a play is determined by regulations such as the sentiment to be shown on the stage, what is to be shown and what is not, the dominant sentiment and the like.

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