What Is Dancer Of The Boreal Valley Weak To?


Author: Lisa
Published: 26 Nov 2021

The Top and Bottom of the Battle

The top and bottom of the fight are what we are talking about. The fight will be easier with the player knowing how to avoid the dangers, how to attack and be efficient, and how to use the means to attack.

The Dancer is a small area

Your main goal is to create space. The Dancer has a limited range due to the small area. At all times, be aware of how close you are to the walls and be prepared to run or dodge away to get a new position and create more space.

The Dance with the Dancer

The dance with the Dancer is a death tango where she will match a player's aggression. She will only do that in the second phase of the fight once her health is at the halfway point. She can grab players with her free hand, so sticking to her sword-hand is the best tactic.

One can try rolling in between her legs for easy access to repositioning. The church pillars are strong and the Dancer's swords will not clip through if the players hide behind them. It's a great way to heal with Estus that doesn't require much running away.

The Dancer is not a meat mountain because of its generous weakness against melee weapons. Her slender frame and gangling body make her less valuable in the game than more hulking bosses. It's tempting to get it over with and try a second strike, but that's not how players lose health most of the time with the Dancer.

The pillar and the Ashen Estus

Non-melee characters can have a great time here, whether you use the pillar or not. If you have a ranged attack with lightning damage, that's great! If you have a lightning spell, it's even better. If you bring a bunch of Ashen Estus, you can get away.

The Dancer at the High Wall of Lothric

The Sword Master can be summoned at the High Wall of Lothric. The player character needs to make their way to the cathedral to make sure the Sword Master is not defeated. They may wish to summon Lion Knight Alfred to help with this, as Alfred will not be available when they take on Vordt later in the game.

The boss will gain a second sword in the process, so watch out. Be patient, hitting a couple of times with each chance to deal damage, and make sure to get out before the Dancer pulls off an area of effect attack. The player needs to be light on their feet to be effective.

Irithyll: A Hidden Valley

The location of Irithyll is in the Boreal Valley. The player needs a non-optional area to progress, invisible enemies and patrols of tall guardians wander its quiet snowy streets, attacking with magic, fire, and dark alike. There is a

A barrier seals off the mythical city, but perhaps a solution can be found in the Deep. The next bonfire is to the right. You can get a Moss Clump 1x near the bonfire.

There are two large souls around the central rotunda. In front of the fountain, kill the hag and loot Budding Green Blossom and Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier. The other hag should be dispatched to find a fire casting knight and a group of hags.

They will be defeated to face another group of hags. There is a body with a Moss Clump. The path to the right leads to a fire casting knight.

If you find yourself being invaded by Aldrich Faithful often here, you can return to the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire and summon signs for help or go 'unembered'. The map misses a warrior. You should be able to see the corpse on the balcony if you head towards point A from the area with the Witchtree Branch.

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