What Is Visual Art Using Shapes And Patterns?


Author: Albert
Published: 30 Nov 2021

The Blue Fan

The Blue Fan uses accurate representational shapes which are a major part of the work but the balance of the other visual elements is altered for creative effect: tone and texture are suppressed to allow the expression of shape, color and pattern to flourish. Pure abstraction is a serious art form. The artist needs to look inwards with a strict discipline and rely on their own instincts and experience to inspire their vision.

The representational artist has more freedom than the abstract artist because they can use both natural and fabricated worlds as their inspiration, but the abstract artist has a unique opportunity to create something that has never been seen before. The best art can create an idealized image that lifts the spirit but it also has a reassuring hold on reality, as was shown in 'Broadway Boogie Woogie'. The balance between the transparent, reflective and opaque forms of the metropolitan environment of New York is perfectly judged by Richard Estes paintings.

The image in the painting is a view into a diner through one of its windows. Plates glass windows have reflective properties. The view of the window is a representation of the inside of the diner and the street outside.

Interplay between Positive and Negative Shapes in Alfred Sisley'"oglit

Positive and negative shapes influence each other. The surrounding negative shape tends to get smaller if you make a positive shape larger. Light can change in ways that can create shapes.

The painting below shows shapes being created on the grassy land by changes in light. The rigid nature of architecture makes shape a strong feature in urban scenes. There is a beautiful interplay between positive and negative shapes in Alfred Sisley's Church in Moret.

What Makes an Artifact?

Understanding elements of art or design can give you a good idea of what it takes to produce work that can make an impact on viewer or simply deliver the message.

Hunterwasser's paintings and the landscape of Balkan countries

The straight line is a line which does not exist in nature, according to Hunterwasser. There are four His paintings are shaped like natural wood grain or onion ring patterns because of the way they define their space.

His ideology and artistry are combined in one image. The face of a woman who had a relationship with another person blends with the landscape of the Balkans. A woman dressed in a gown sits on a chair.

Her gown, chair and background are decorated with gold leaf and are outlined in flat areas, each decorated with exquisite patterns. The chair and robes of the gown have a bejewelled array of gold and colored ovals, squares, triangles and spirals that reference Japanese, Jugendstil and Mycenaean designs while the background is a gold leaf with an odd floating square to register its depth. The dress in the costume of the singer is patterned with eyes and has a flattened form.

A Piece of Art Inspired by Patterns

Patterns are part of art that attracts and confuses the viewer. Identifying patterns in paintings is a practice that tends to have a soothing psychological effect on the viewer. There are patterns in nature, from the leaves on a tree to the structure of those leaves.

Animals and flowers have patterns, even the human body has many patterns within it. A natural pattern can be broken up by a single irregularity or by a different pattern than the one being replicated. A tree with a pattern to its branches doesn't mean every branch is from a designated spot.

Natural patterns are used in design. The illusion would not work if it relied on uncertainty. The piece is memorable to all who view it.

Breathing Space

Adding breathing room to your designs is dependent on space. Without a good balance of space, all the information would be in one place, difficult to read and navigate through.

Sponges for motor control differences

The teacher can provide sponges in pre-cut shapes to accommodate motor control differences. Students would stamp the sponge shapes onto the paper with tempera paint.

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