What Is Visual Art Room?


Author: Artie
Published: 5 Dec 2021

Designing an Ideal Art Room for a Studio

The attributes of an ideal art room are different from those needed in a standard classroom. It can be expensive and not ethical to build unsafe facilities for learning in visual art. Good design can be less expensive to build, and is more efficient over the life of the building.

A studio art classroom has unique learning needs. The art room and public hallway are facing locked cases. There are secure display cases for both sculptural and flat work near the main entrance of the school.

Learning in the arts is much more motivating than recognition of hard work, achievement, and ability. Music students have concerts, and athletes are featured in the newspaper. Art students are motivated by the recognition of their hard work.

If the screen cannot be located on the same wall as the windows, it is necessary to have both very opaque window covering and dimmable room lighting that is shielded so that no direct light hits the screen surface. Modern motor operated retractable screens can be placed directly in front of cabinets, display boards, and windows to maximize the quality of projected images. Four outlets should be required for every six feet along the perimeter.

The island worktables need power as well. If worktables are not static, consider ceiling outlet boxes that have pre-wired power posts on the end of worktables to power the power strips on the sides. Don't try to change the work surface.

iArt View: Interior Photos

iArt View is a useful app for artists and trade professionals. They have a collection of interior photos. If you want, you can choose a frame option.

The new Stobhill Hospital

The new Stobhill Hospital opened in June of 2009. The hospital had an Arts and Environment Working Group set up by the health co-ordinater. The Working Group collaborated with architects and artists during the design phase of the hospital.

The hospital uses natural larch finishes and there are many silver Birch trees in the grounds. There are videos, paintings, window designs and drawings in the building. The visual art project in the new RIE has not been evaluated in any way, despite all the projects having involved a consultation with hospital staff.

Creating an Art Studio and Community for Visual Artists

A professional visual artist, a volunteer and a support worker deliver the workshops. The sessions are tailored to the interests of the group and participants are encouraged to experiment with different techniques such as painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery making, and more. It becomes an art studio and community for participants who are free to express their creativity in their own way. The sessions are meant to make people feel welcome and listened to.

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